Preview of our new signage …..

Our new office signage is looking amazing, though the picture does not do it justice.

We will be loading more images and information over the next couple of days, keep your eyes open for updates.

If you need any advice or help please contact the team.

New member of the team

We are pleased to introduced Andrew Shinn as the newest member of the Tax and Financial team.

Andrew is currently completing his level 2 AAT professional course as a distance learner at Avado Learning, whilst receiving the continual support from the team at Tax and Financial. Andrew has been working for us since the 1st April 2018. He has chosen to take a job in accountancy & tax with the view to gain qualifications in the industry to improve his skills.

With a strong aptitude in IT and Accounting he is able to provide the online support to all our clients software queries, meaning they can get the answers they need within 24 hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact him at, or alternatively you can call on 01392 692 192.

Opening Soon …

We have some very exciting news, we are expanding into new offices in the heart of Marsh Barton in Exeter.

We are still in the process of finishing the re-fit and get everything ready, as soon as we have a date confirmed we will be having a grand opening day.

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Need more visibility to your business accounts?

I speak to so many businesses on a day by day basis, and I would say 90% are stressed about their business accounts.

If you are not sure what to do, try not to panic, as I know letters from HMRC are not always clear.

Just ask for some help! It can be explained, simply.

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The team have found this interesting article, click here, and if you have any questions on how this will affect your business please feel free to contact the team.


We now accept card payments


Exciting news …….

At Tax and Financial we have exciting news, very shortly we will be opening a new shop in Exeter and we will keep you updated on details of our Grand Opening!


We would like to thank all of those who liked and shared our “Beat the Clock” post, but we are pleased to announce the winner as David Dart.

Congratulations … your amazon voucher is on the way to you.


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If you get an email or letter from HM Revenue and Customs ( HMRC ) telling you to send a return, you must complete your SA100 – even if you don’t have any tax to pay!

Do not ignore it!

Contact us today, we are here to help.

Self-assessment tips

Before you start, do you have everything you need? The SA100 has several sections and HMRC will only send those sections that it thinks apply to you. Check if you need extra pages to give details of other sources of income. You can get more information by going to

Other suggestions include:

  • Report everything you’ve earned: As a self-assessment taxpayer you need to report everything you’ve earned over the tax year.  This includes Income from employment, self-employment, income from property and interest/gains on your savings and investments.
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute: Once you have gathered all the necessary paperwork, put aside a day to go through the forms. The biggest mistake most people make is forgetting to sign the form before sending it off.
  • Keep accurate records: If you face a Revenue enquiry you will have to produce evidence that your tax return is correct. Around 1 in 20 returns will be subject to further investigation, ensure your SA100 is accurate!
  • Don’t throw your records away: Taxpayers must keep records for at least a year after filing. Self-employed or business owners must keep records for six years.
  • Do not round-up figures: HMRC have said this can indicate that a person’s affairs have not been properly maintained and could trigger a further enquiry.
  • Deduct all eligible expenses: HMRC allow individuals to take into account certain costs, such as student loan repayments and personal pension contributions. Are you claiming enough, or too much?
  • Start saving now: Don’t forget that you may have to pay half of this tax year’s bill as a payment on account on 31 January (i.e. the same time as you pay your 2016-17 tax bill).

Why not avoid the stress, contact us today and arrange for Tax & Financial to complete the SA100 for you.  Whether your receipts are in plastic bags or you have everything organised in excel, we can tailor a package to take the hassle out of tax.


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You have until the 31st January 2018 to submit your self assessment for 2016/17.  If you’d like help please get your records and figures to us before 10th January to save money and avoid the last minute rush.  From this date onwards our prices are slightly higher because it is our busiest time of year and requires additional overtime and staff.

We can still help after the 10th January but it will cost you slightly more.


Don’t wait till the last minute, contact us today and avoid the bottleneck!

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